About Us

R. Michael Parker has always enjoyed telling stories to his kids. "There was no greater feeling than telling my kids a fun yet scary story on long family trips. Watching my kids eyes wandering off into a make believe world as I told them the story..."

R. Michael & Co. has grown into Development & Research of Safety topics for elementary aged children, Publishing, Print brokerage and discount safety educational supplies for students, Law Enforcement Agencies, After School Programs, Home School Programs and Church groups. We are taking serious safety topics and putting them into stories for elementary aged children. Nate Knoodle & his friends  are quickly becoming the face of children's safety topics all across America!


Mervin Chee - Grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons and loved drawing the characters from the shows whenever he could get his hands on a pencil.

 Mervin has been involved in the animation industry and designing apps for kids projects since 2007